Anderson & Kreiger LLP Establishes Legal Diversity Fund to Provide Stipends to Law School and College Students

Anderson & Kreiger LLP is investing in an initiative to increase the representation of future lawyers who come from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

“Our partnership is committed to leveraging its financial resources to provide law students the ability to focus exclusively on their schooling and take the types of early career risks that can lead to greater future rewards. Likewise, we intend to share our social capital and access to networks in the legal community,” said Colin Van Dyke, Managing Partner of Anderson & Kreiger.”

To reach these goals, the firm will create two sets of awards:

  • One $50,000 stipend to a law student who demonstrates financial need, identifies as part of a racial or ethnic group that is underrepresented in the legal profession and intends to begin practicing law in Greater Boston following graduation. The goal of the stipend is to remove financial barriers to the successful completion of law school and to the successful start to the recipient’s career.
  • Ten $5,000 stipends to college seniors or juniors who demonstrate financial need, identify as part of a racial or ethnic group that is underrepresented in the legal profession, attend colleges in Greater Boston, and are interested in attending law school and practicing law. The goal of the stipend is to provide financial assistance to encourage such students to apply to law school.

To supplement financial support, Anderson & Kreiger will also invite recipients to participate in the firm’s mentoring and training programs, and networking and social events. Law student recipients also will have the opportunity to meet with a financial planner and work alongside Anderson & Kreiger attorneys on a pro bono project. Recipients will not be required to join Anderson & Kreiger as a condition of receiving an award.

“We will continue to invest in improving how our firm operates and embedding the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in our firm’s operations, but we view this as an opportunity to extend our impact outside our firm as well,” said Carmen M. Ortiz, a Partner and one of the founders of the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. “With the Anderson & Kreiger Legal Diversity Fund, we are striving to make a meaningful contribution to help aspiring lawyers from underrepresented racial or ethnic groups be successful in law school and beyond as they begin their careers.”

“We will reach a small number of aspiring lawyers each year, but we hope to improve their individual prospects for success and over time to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the Greater Boston legal community,” Colin said.


By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center