Saying “Managed” And “Helped,” But Better

Power-backed resume and interview words are hard to start using. In fact, so many of them are words that we don’t utilize in our daily vocabulary and so it might feel strange and out of our comfort zone. It’s true that we want to be seen as genuine and act like ourselves during every part of our job search, but it’s also true that powerful words that we may not use during talks with our friends can help us get jobs.

There’s nothing wrong with saying managed or helped on your resume or in an interview, as both are still words that show how you’ve added value, but they’re just not… strong. Take the ones below for a spin:


Instead of helped, try

  • Supported
  • Guided 
  • Co-created
  • Instituted or Finalized (if you assisted with a beginning or end part of a project)


Instead of managed, try

  • Spearheaded
  • Piloted
  • Supervised
  • Delegated


But because every resume and situation is different, I didn’t come totally empty-handed on resources! This is an amazing 185 Resume Power Words article for almost any circumstance that I have definitely linked to before, but it is truly one of the best resources I’ve ever seen on the topic. Here’s an article on four words you must take out of your resume (hint: ‘helped’ is one of them) and what to replace them with. Here are 19 resume-friendly synonyms for ‘managed’. Here is a resume resource that gives you three alternatives for virtually any verb you may have on your resume. And here’s a short article that gives you not only alternatives but quick explanations and examples on why you should be using more powerful action verbs!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova