Your To-Do List: Meet With A Career Coach

The semester is fully fired up at this point. Whether you have a job for the summer or not, it’s a good idea to meet with a career coach and utilize the career development resources that everyone seems to attend Bentley for. After all, put your education to even better use and meet with one of the very skilled individuals we have working in the Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center. If further convincing is in order, check out the reasons below!

  • They are professionally trained and passionate about YOUR success. 
    • The Bentley Career Coaches know more about professionalism and university recruiting than any other individuals on campus. They have been trained to help you and constantly learn new methods and best practices for getting Bentley students #Hired. When more Bentley students get impressive jobs, it makes the coaches and career services even more reputable and distinguished, so you can be assured that every coach is committed to your job search. It’s a win-win!
  • Long-term career planning.
    • Everybody has long-term career questions, no matter how prepared they think they may be for the future. Career coaches have seen and heard about the most winding career paths and have knowledge on countless industries, roles, salaries, and more. If you have an internship locked in, you will still want to come in for a long-term planning visit. If you’re still looking, you can not only plan for the long-term but also make some short-term goals that can bring your dream job within reach.
  • They’re awesome and they’ll listen.
    • Sometimes, we all need to talk something through to make sure our plans make sense. Career coaches can explicitly tell you what to do to make your goals happen if you come in dead-set on a plan, but they can also listen to your ideas and concerns and give you different choices on what you can pursue. Every single coach is so friendly and welcoming, they’d be happy to chat with you and give you solid, professionally-sound professional advice.


Need I say more? Make an appointment by logging into Handshake, hitting Career Center, and then Appointments.


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova