Bentley Marketing Association & Career SUCCESS

New semester and we are back with our club highlights! This week, let’s talk about Bentley Marketing Association, or BMA. If you’re not a marketing major, please keep reading, as BMA is inclusive of any individual who even has a slight interest in marketing. If you are a marketing major and have not joined BMA yet, definitely keep an eye out for this awesome organization on campus, as it can be one of the best moves for your career.

How is BMA helpful for your career? Events! Networking! And finally, both a diverse employer network AND a great student community!

Bentley Marketing Association has about 100 members and is always looking to grow. BMA’s goal is to “provide aspiring marketing professionals with an outlet for networking opportunities, guest speakers and panels, and various marketing information,” Lauren Calabrese, BMA’s current VP says. What’s awesome is that as individuals join BMA early in their college careers, they are guided and helped by older members as they navigate careers, professionalism, and of course, marketing classes. This leads to a tight-knit community and a heavy emphasis on success, post-grad. 


Seems like a big commitment? Think again! BMA works with YOU and YOUR goals.

BMA, as previously mentioned, has opportunities for every single individual at Bentley, so no individual will ever be denied from wanting to participate in BMA. The Bentley Marketing Association general body members have zero obligation to attend every meeting and if there’s inconsistent attendance or something comes up – there is no penalty. 

Although, if you’re planning to be able to better use BMA in your interviews or even get an E-Board position someday (which are both incredible ways to stand out in today’s job market), you will want to show more commitment by attending general meetings regularly and actively participating in any events that BMA puts on. 


What kinds of events does Bentley Marketing Association put on? More importantly, are they unique to BMA?

Really exciting ones… and YES, they are totally unique to BMA and absolutely worth your time! BMA members learn from experienced professionals that are currently immersed in many different industries. There are tons of guest speakers and panels that are exclusive only to BMA members. These individuals help members discuss and ask questions about current best practices in marketing today and to explore ideas circulating today’s market. These can be successful Bentley Alumni or professionals that you would likely never get to meet anywhere else. 

In fact, an exciting event BMA is going to hold in March features a Senior Accountant Executive from The Kraft Group, owner of The New England Patriots. It is truly the best time to get involved in BMA and not miss out on this exciting event.


I’m sold! But should I know anything else?

Yes!!! A lot of organizations on campus offer networking events, but there’s another reason you should definitely join BMA to get the most out of your Bentley degree and get that awesome job post-grad. BMA was selected to participate in HubSpot’s Campus Group Development Program. 

Lauren gives us more information on the program below:

“HubSpot is a CRM software company that defines itself as “a leading growth platform with thousands of customers around the world. Compromised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to grow better.”  They are known for altering the way companies market today, specifically by promoting the use of inbound marketing to target consumers. HubSpot was also named Glassdoor’s #1 place to work in the country.  As part of the Campus Group Development Program, our members have the opportunity to learn about the software while also networking with HubSpot professionals. Members also receive early access to internship and full-time job opportunities as well as frequent contact with the HubSpot University Recruitment Team. We are excited to continue this relationship with Hubspot this Spring Semester!”


Final thoughts?

There’s no doubt that joining BMA is one of the most effective ways to get a job, whether you are planning to graduate with a marketing degree or just enjoy learning about marketing on the side. Lauren credits some of her own career success to BMA, saying that she received “connections with HubSpot and Epsilon,” as well as practice interviewing and networking at the many BMA events she’s attended. On behalf of BMA’s E-Board, Lauren mentions looking forward to connecting with Falcons with a passion for marketing. As far as COVID-19 goes, the pandemic has not even stalled BMA, and the members are committed to continuing a strong organizational culture in a virtual setting, thinking of new, innovative ways to create the same engaging and welcoming atmosphere remotely. 


JOIN BMA HERE to get exclusive info and not miss out on any future events!

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By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova