Learn More About American Universities’ China Association (AUCA)!

The American Universities’ China Association (AUCA) is hosting a series of program programs are for undergraduate, graduate and alumni who are seeking positions and internships in China. As most Chinese employers will kick off their spring recruitment and internship program in March, AUCA will be hosting a series of online and in-person events in Spring 2021 to bridge employers with top universities in the U.S. and oversea students.

– Virtual Career Fairs & Physical Career Fair in Shanghai – flexible 1-on-1 engagement online and in-person between employer and students all over the globe!

– Learn the job market and industrial trends in China through various webinars, workshops and forums!

– Estimated 70+ participating employers from a wide variety of industries- job positions open to students with diverse academic backgrounds!

– Online job application portals for students from AUCA member universities- over 1000+ openings positions during spring events!

Find AUCA event information below:

AUCA Spring 2021 Virtual Career Fair: Session 1

AUCA Spring 2021 Virtual Career Fair: Session 2

AUCA Spring 2021 Online Employer Recruitment Talks and Workshops

By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Alyssa Hammond