Follow These Career TikTok Accounts!

We’ve all been on the app called TikTok, which has taken the world by storm and makes you forget about the concept of time. If you’re scrolling through your For You page feeling like something is missing, you’ve come to the right place. There’s an account for almost anything on TikTok, but getting your professional dose of career advice and motivation is something that you can easily add to your daily TikTok regimen. In fact, getting tips and hearing stories in 60 seconds or less (most likely even 15) can keep you engaged and teach you something you wouldn’t have otherwise known! Without further adieu, here are several great accounts to follow for your career development. 


These accounts and their content are not affiliated with Bentley University or the Pulsifer Career Development Center in any way.


  • cedonifrancis

Cedoni got famous for her down-to-earth career advice, where she keeps it real on topics like resume and networking insights. She often calls out misinformation, such as when she debunked that networking vertically is the way to go. Cedoni’s a big advocate for networking horizontally, with people that are in similar positions as you. Give her a follow to see tidbits of career news and even internship reminders mixed into Cedoni’s own funny and original content.

  • careerbabe

Cynthia, who runs careerbabe on TikTok, amassed over 80k followers for her consistent content: she posts frequently about all things jobs, work/life balance, and any other career-related topic you can think of. Not to mention, some of her videos feature businesses and business ideas, and she has quite the following of college students, who she also gives insight through her internship videos. She’s a marketing manager as well, so marketing majors should definitely give her a follow!

  • careerbecky

Becky also consistently posts career content, so give her a follow for career, resume, and job advice videos. Not only that, but she posts frequent career motivation videos, answers to difficult interview questions, and her own secrets to securing that job. She also has a website for more advice in her TikTok bio!

  • selfmademillennial

Madeline runs one of the most popular career accounts with over 300k followers, where she gives countless tips from her experience in HR. Her videos are always relevant, colorful, quick, and fun to watch. When she provides a framework or a template, there are often examples to follow, making her one of the most effective career TikTokers out there. Not to mention, she’s not afraid of tackling more difficult issues, such as asking for a raise. If you follow just one person from this list, follow Madeline for a wide variety of consistent, frequent, and important content.

  • garyvee

Gary is an entrepreneur and investor, CEO of his own company VaynerMedia, and overall a very successful professional. His videos are funny and often motivational, but he doesn’t post career advice as frequently as other types of his content, which are mostly created for entertainment or sharing his opinion. When he does have career-related content, it’s valuable and has insights for anybody hoping to become an entrepreneur or CEO, so drop that follow! You won’t be the only one, Gary has over 5 million followers!

  • erinmcgoff

Erin runs yet another super popular account on TikTok (600k+) due to her quality videos and her quality advice. She has valuable experience and a fresh perspective due to being a film director and editor. Therefore, a lot of her videos are simply funny storytimes of her life. However, the majority of her videos are career advice pieces that are just very unique and different from typical career advice pages, because Erin seems to not lose steam! For a large selection of videos regarding career advice, complete with many examples of what NOT to do and then ways to correct mistakes, definitely give Erin a follow.


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova