Making the Bentley Name Work for You (in an Interview)

Being a student at Bentley has a lot of advantages, from superb business classes with caring professors to the plethora of resources that you can use to further your education. One advantage that a lot of people overlook, however, is just the Bentley University name. During interviews, students are often asked why they chose Bentley, and there are two ways to approach this question. Whether your interviewer is somebody who you know is familiar with or fond of Bentley (such as an alum or a representative from a company that hires a lot of Bentley grads) or someone who’s not too sure of what Bentley is known for plays a huge part in how you should answer this question!


METHOD 1: Discussing Bentley with an alum or somebody who’s at least familiar should begin with some valid reasons that attracted you to Bentley from the get-go. If the individual is already familiar with Bentley and impressed with our students, you should be trying to find a level to relate to and tell a story. Say that you were impressed by the rigorous academic programs and graduation placements, but that when you visited campus, it felt like home. Discuss that from everything you heard about Bentley, you knew there was such a variety of activities and clubs that you could participate in to make your Bentley experience unique. Finish off with a sentence such as, “In fact, throughout my Bentley career, I’ve participated in [xxx] and joined [xxx], [xxx], and [xxx], so I guess I made the right decision!” If you need to get your involvement on campus up and running, check out our weekly organization highlight series! So far, we’ve highlighted TAMID at Bentley, Bentley Women’s Network, Bentley Leadership Society, and Students for Sustainable Business, which are all great clubs to join for career success. The interviewer may remember these involvements from your resume and it might just be a great transition into the next interview question. It’s also just a great way to use Bentley’s name to work for you.

PRO TIP: If you were able to get any information on the person interviewing you prior to your interview via LinkedIn sleuthing, make sure to include something that could be a similar interest or involvement between you two to really stand out.


METHOD 2: Using Bentley’s name as leverage in an interview with somebody who isn’t too sure of what the university is known for is more difficult, but is also a great opportunity to let your knowledge of Bentley and business passions shine through. Start off by discussing academic accomplishments and job-related achievements that you noticed students talking about when you toured or researched Bentley. If getting a good job right out of college was an important factor in your decision, mention that Bentley’s Career Services are consistently ranked as #1 in the United States. Build up an understanding of Bentley, such as how our business classes are taught in smaller numbers and integrate the newest technologies to prepare our students to be open-minded and innovative. At this point, you could talk about other personal reasons, but setting the tone that Bentley is a seriously great school for your education and your career is necessary. Spend a few sentences discussing what you’ve dived into within your classes, such as group projects or especially difficult coursework that could be related to the role you’re interviewing for. If an interviewer has never even heard of Bentley, seeing a student light up with pride at the mention of his or her college is still an indicator of a genuine, well thought-out response to this tricky question.


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova