ECommerce Jobs: Finding a Role in the Booming Business

Prior to the era of covid-19 the world of ecommerce was already hitting it’s stride in the business world.  However, covid-19 placed a spotlight on the companies and industries which had well established ecommerce practices as well as those who pivoted creating an ecommerce platform.  This change not only caused businesses to rethink how to maintain and increase revenue, but it also provided an opportunity for companies to rethink their workforce.  For established ecommerce companies, this meant increasing staff levels to meet demand.  For those pivoting to this form of business it meant creating new roles and/or internally moving current staffing to build an ecommerce foundation to stay viable in the marketplace.  In either case, it also meant filling roles with employees who have the right skill set and were open minded to change.  And as many of you think of internships or entry level roles to explore the world of ecommerce has plenty of opportunity.  For more information on the 19 hottest jobs in ecommerce click on this link.

By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center Paul Stanish