Why You Should Write That Post For LinkedIn

It’s nerve-racking to write a post for LinkedIn, even if you have accepted a great offer or achieved something else important, like a certification, GPA recognition award, or acceptance into a selective program. It may feel stressful to choose the right words to sound professional, to not be sure if anybody cares, or to be nervous about getting any engagement on your post. Those are all stressors that come with social media, so you’re definitely not alone if you’ve felt that way. Here are three really good reasons to go against those feelings and POST THAT POST.

  1. Commemorate and note your achievement, for nobody else but yourself! You have done something worthwhile, something that you are thinking about sharing with the world, which means that it’s important. Because it means something to you, seriously consider making a post. How fun would it be to look back on past achievements and have them all in one convenient platform? Write that post without worrying about what other people think because most people will probably be happy for you and impressed with your professional achievements! Definitely use your best judgment to see whether your achievements are relevant and work-appropriate, but don’t be afraid to post it, because it’s a memory and milestone within your career timeline!
  2. Employers look at your posts! It’s very important to have several meaningful, insightful posts up for employers to view while you are searching for jobs and internships. It shows off your achievements and your confidence in being able to virtually talk about and share them. Being proud of your hard work is an extremely important quality to have and employers value accomplished, secure candidates. Writing about an event may also help you coherently explain the value of your experiences in interviews, and the practice of writing a LinkedIn post often aids in expanding on resume bullet points.
  3. LinkedIn posting increases your engagement! If you set a post’s visibility to “Everyone,” your post goes public and beyond your immediate network. This means more people are exposed to your post and your profile, allowing you to grow your network and may even lead to an unlikely conversation or work opportunity that wouldn’t have been seen otherwise. Posting more frequently increases the chances that somebody reaches out to you about an opportunity or connects with you because they really liked your post. 

You have important things to say! LinkedIn posts are a great opportunity to get your name out there and show off how you’re reaching career goals and milestones. While you’re on LinkedIn, follow us!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator