Staying Career Motivated While It Gets Cold

For our many students that are located in the northeastern part of the United States, the end of this fall trimester may mean dropping temperatures and snow. During this weather transition, you may feel like easing up on applying to jobs. While you’ve worked hard and definitely deserve a break, don’t lose too much momentum on your job search! Why? Because of the following reasons!

  • Just because you and Bentley University are slowing down in terms of activity doesn’t mean employers are! Hiring managers are still going through resumes and cover letters, so get your information in there!
  • Many companies hire on a rolling basis, which means that the sooner you hand in an application, the better. If you get yourself into the candidate pool too late in that particular company’s hiring timeline, there’s always a risk that they don’t have more internships or jobs to hand out. 
  • As nice as logging off for the entire winter break sounds, you usually aren’t as busy as you during the school seasons, and therefore it might be efficient to continue grinding out those applications.
  • If you have more free time over winter break than during a typical semester, this is a great time to attend interviews and/or Superdays. By getting your applications in on time, you’re more likely to get called into interviews quicker. Getting interviews done before coming back for the spring trimester can land you that offer and alleviate future stress of job searching. 
  • Remember that the spring recruitment season typically starts in January, so being prepared for that and submitting your resume early on will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Follow our Instagram, @bentleycareerdevelopment, for more preparation!
  • Think about how nice it would be to be done with applications. Then, make it a reality by handing a lot in and locking down that job or internship!
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator