5 Career-Related Things To Do Over This Winter Break

This year, take time to make yourself an even more qualified candidate for job and internship opportunities when you come back for the Spring trimester! Just because classes have come to an end doesn’t mean that career development has to! Here are a few ways to be productive if you get bored over your month-long vacation from college!

  1. Get a certification! Bentley offers free certifications for Bloomberg. Additionally, there are plenty of free certifications relevant for any major, and a few that require a small fee but definitely benefit your resume. Make sure to do some research for what certifications can help you reach your career goals.
  2. Take a class! There are many free websites, such as edX and Coursera that can help you take your knowledge of a topic (such as finance) to a new level or simply reinforce it. Bentley also offers LinkedIn Learning for FREE- check it out through MyBentley! Additionally, you can learn about something new at no cost! If you do want course credit or want to get ahead in your degree requirements, look into Winter Session classes or courses that you can take away. After all, gaining more knowledge is never a bad thing in the eyes of employers!
  3. Update your resume! Updating your resume should happen at least once a year, but ideally much more often than that. A good checkpoint is usually the end of a semester or trimester. A lot of students have participated in clubs in this very strange, virtual trimester, which is a big achievement, especially if you’ve had to restructure meetings and events as a part of your group’s E-Board. Definitely put these experiences on your resume to set yourself apart from the competition.
  4. Stay in touch! Keep in contact with employers or recruiters that you’ve talked to or had great conversations with at networking events! Send a short message on LinkedIn or follow up with some more questions, just to check in and keep your name in the company’s thoughts!
  5. Take a break! Be productive during this break but also give yourself some time for some hobbies you enjoy! The spring recruitment season is coming up, and you don’t want to feel burnt out before we get there! So make sure to work on some skills (maybe brush up your Excel), but leave some time for fun and relaxation!
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova