Students for Sustainable Business & Career SUCCESS

The last campus organization highlight for Fall 2020 and it’s a good one! Are you looking to make a change in the way that corporations view and impact our environment? Sustainability is a hugely important idea as our modern world continues to experience the negative effects of global warming, and Students for Sustainable Business is an on-campus group full of emerging business leaders tackling those issues.

This organization’s mission is to educate students about the social, environmental, and financial impacts of business, thus motivating the Bentley student body to truly care about the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit). SSB wants to incite action among the campus community but also within businesses that graduating students end up joining.

What should you know if you’re planning to join these 60+ members in making a difference for a better environment and world?

SSB is an organization where any member of the Bentley community can come to promote sustainable initiatives, bring forth ideas, or find support and knowledge. The members work together to turn ideas into reality, by finding ways to make a real difference. SSB gets members involved by promoting and encouraging a passion for sustainability. If a member wants to hold an event or lead a general body meeting, SSB makes it happen. 


So… how does this help your career?

Students for Sustainable Business member Kyra Walker says that along with being able to demonstrate her passion for and knowledge of sustainability during interviews, she learned how to create engaging meetings and events. You don’t have to be an expert on reusable straws or composting to join, Kyra mentions, because “SSB aims to educate everyone about how to incorporate sustainability into their lives and careers, trying to develop events to attract people who may not have ever been interested in sustainability.” 

Kyra, who also has an LSM in sustainability, talks a lot about the leadership positions she’s had within the club as well as the SSB purpose. Even without an SSB leadership position, members get many opportunities to take on more responsibilities and get involved that they can talk about in future career interviews. Most interviewers that she has met are impressed by SSB and agree that sustainability is crucial in any and every industry or career field, making Students for Sustainable Business a great club for any major. Additionally, more companies are moving toward becoming eco-friendly, depending on incoming talent to understand sustainability’s importance and bring ideas, initiatives, and goals to life.

SSB is trying to get people to learn and listen in very fun ways. And it’s working!

Every year, SSB hosts Earth Fest on Bentley’s campus in honor of Earth Day. This exciting event allows Bentley students to learn about sustainable initiatives, see SSB collaborate with over 10 other organizations to provide interesting games and prizes, and give every attendee some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! This event is very popular, as 350 people usually attend and leave after learning a lot of valuable information regarding sustainability. Though SSB isn’t sure they’ll be able to have this event in-person during Spring 2021, we sure hope so!

Some final thoughts…

As the corporate world continues to realize the importance of the triple bottom line in accordance with sustainability, Students for Sustainable Business becomes an increasingly valuable organization for your resume and long-term career goals. Joining SSB will give you connections to like-minded, socially responsible individuals. It’ll teach you about topics in sustainability that you can apply to your academic and professional future. Most importantly, it’ll allow you to have fun fighting for something that truly and undoubtedly matters!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova