Bentley Leadership Society & Career SUCCESS

Every Bentley Falcon should be working on their leadership skills! Leadership is very highly valued in any industry and every work setting, which means that joining Bentley Leadership Society would be well worth your time. This campus organization currently has 75 members and strives to create an inspiring and inclusive community among students who are interested in becoming emerging business leaders.

BLS gives students the skills and knowledge to grow as leaders in their personal and professional lives and allows them to practice these through events and other forms of engagement with the organization. A network of real-world, professional leaders and other like-minded students is provided to members in order to enhance their journeys through Bentley and set them up for success in the workplace, post-graduation.

Who can vouch for the benefits of joining Bentley Leadership Society?

Cara McCarthy, one of the Co-Presidents of BLS talks about the professional skills that she learned from BLS, including mastering effective communication, reading body language, and optimizing work. She urges students to get involved, saying “whether it is BLS, other student organizations, sports, or something else, the college experience is more than the classroom.” This is absolutely true from a career perspective, as employers look for much more than just academics when considering candidates, and seeing leadership experience is always impressive to interviewers.

Cara is a senior studying Marketing with an LSM in Media Arts and Society, who is a captain on the Women’s Lacrosse team and also has a work-study job on campus, so she knows what it’s like to be busy. BLS, she says, allowed her to take her career development and resume to a new level while also allowing her to have fun and meet new friends, therefore being completely worth the time she has invested into the organization. 

What are some events and activities you can expect out of BLS?

David Allen, a world-famous leadership and body language speaker from South America speaks at BLS every year. Exposure to leaders from all over the world sounds great already, but Bentley Leadership Society also gives members a wide variety of networking opportunities. Speakers and Bentley alumni from companies like Rapid7, EY, and many business entrepreneurs come to speak about their leadership journeys due to the relationships and community BLS has built. These networking opportunities introduce students to new ways of thinking about and approaching leadership, which is so important in the ever-changing world. Also, new exposure to unconventional career paths or leadership styles allows members to become more open-minded and become more attractive candidates.

Bentley Leadership Society is worthwhile to members looking for any level of commitment, whether they want to attend several events or pursue future leadership positions in the organization. Definitely check it out and become a better leader!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator