CDI101 Versus CDI201 Versus CDI301

Want to take your career knowledge to the next level? Start thinking about registering for CDI101, CDI201, and CDI301 in the near future. These courses are taught by Career Development Center experts and will give you a heads up on what to expect from applying to jobs and internships. To read up on what each course covers and some history behind Bentley’s HIRE Education, read this.

As for a quick overview of what each course includes, look no further! That’s covered right down below.


Class Focus: First-Years (98% of students enroll in CDI101!)

Focus: Introductory Career Planning and Foundational Knowledge

What You Will Do:

  • Successfully create career-related deliverables, such as resumes and cover letters. 
  • Gain an understanding of how to follow up or send a general business email.
  • Make or solidify a LinkedIn profile for future networking. 
  • Identify your strengths and discover how they can help you when applying for opportunities, specifically starting to think about what career decisions make the most sense for you.
  • Think of and practice an elevator pitch, learn how to properly shake hands (or equivalent hands-free introductory method due to COVID), and other networking skills. 
  • Become introduced to career resources available to Bentley students.
  • Get templates and resources for all previously mentioned skills.

What You Won’t Do:

  • CDI101 is an excellent tool to start learning about practices that will help you get a job or internship, but it won’t specifically address your personal needs or wants when it comes to a job, go into depth on interview practice and preparation, or discuss jobs and internships as they relate to certain majors. For those important components of career knowledge, sign up for CDI201 and CDI301 when they are available to you.



Class Focus: Sophomores

Focus: Interviews and Personal Career Planning

What You Will Do:

  • Become more familiar with the resources and skills introduced during CDI101, but go more in-depth with any questions you may have about your own goals and career path.
  • Discuss where you should work using your strengths.
  • Focus on long-term career planning and “fit.”
  • Practice or prepare for interviews.
  • Create your personal Career Action Plan.
  • Get a headstart on the job search and tips for tips to find an internship during modern times. 
  • Get templates and resources for all previously mentioned skills.

What You Won’t Do:

  • CDI201 will motivate you to apply for opportunities that align with your personal strengths and goals and give you the skills necessary to ace that interview! However, as far as bringing your resume, cover letter, and conversational skills to the next level in regard to the specific industries and positions you may be looking for, that’s where CDI 301 will pick up.



Class Focus: Juniors and Seniors

Focus: Industry and Target Company Insights Among Other Advanced Skills

What You Will Do:

  • Tailor your cover letters with specific skill sets and terms based on the industry, company, and position you apply for.
  • Practice more interviewing skills, again with advanced industry terminology. 
  • Connect with like-minded peers who have the same major and enhance your networking skills through relevant activities.
  • Plan out specific career-related actions for the remainder of your time at college.
  • Learn how to respectfully and reasonably negotiate once you get an offer or salary.

What You Won’t Do:

  • CDI301 is the ultimate HIRE Education course at Bentley, as it builds off of the skills that CDI101 and CDI201 taught you and applies it to your major and specific, marketable skill set, allowing you to take the right steps to that dream job. Once you take all three courses, I’m sure you’ll still have questions as they pop up during your job search, but that’s what the Career Development Center and CareerEdge Resources are here for! Use us!
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova