TAMID at Bentley & Career SUCCESS

This trimester has been different and difficult. Not only did students have to continue adjusting to remote learning, but campus engagement with clubs and organizations has definitely suffered due to Bentley students being all over the world. However, Bentley’s clubs are still a very important part of the college experience and also crucial to any student’s professional development. In fact, the organizations that you choose to join and gain leadership positions within have a clear impact on how well you perform in interviews while you’re looking for jobs and internships.


Let me tell you a little bit about TAMID at Bentley!

If you are looking into consulting as a possible long-term career path and want to gain some relevant experience, join TAMID. An organization of 50 students currently, TAMID focuses on investing and consulting. Students work on consulting projects and collaborate with real startups in Israel. More interested in investing? Students can go the route of pitching a stock to get into the TAMID portfolio. Nervous to be thrown into such robust and relevant work? TAMID at Bentley tries to make tasks based on what you learn in the classrooms of Bentley and is dedicated to training every member.


TAMID is not only an excellent choice for your personal professional development… Employers notice it!

Many students who are involved with TAMID at Bentley find themselves talking about their experiences. Because being in TAMID typically includes long projects that are completed over the semester (and require coordination among many different time zones), students are very in tune with individual technical skills needed for consulting or investing. When discussing TAMID experience with interviewers, students can effectively demonstrate soft skills they’ve gained such as dedication, hard work, organization, responsibility, and teamwork. 


TAMID gives way to incredible opportunities! For example, traveling to Baltimore…

TAMIDcon is a national conference attended by the top 62 TAMID chapters in the U.S., Canada, and China. The chapters come together to discuss their common practices and build networks with like-minded individuals. TAMID at Bentley started in the Fall of 2018 and credit a lot of their success to attending these conferences.


Hannah Denning, the President at Bentley TAMID, is a current Junior majoring in Corporate Finance and Accounting and often discusses her experience with the club in her interviews. She mentions how TAMID “requires the members to constantly get up in front of the group and work with students across different grades,” which fosters mentor-like relationships and allows members to meet students that they may not have had an opportunity for. “At the freshman level you may work in a group with seniors, and your opinions are equally valued within that project,” Hannah says. 


Final thoughts on TAMID at Bentley?

Even though TAMID at Bentley is currently 50 students, the sizes of chapters are not indicators of success. Many consulting groups get the chance to speak with the CEO or National Director of TAMID fund and therefore are as valuable to your resume as other, bigger organizations.


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova