Career Development: Minor Versus LSM

Have you ever wondered whether an LSM or a Minor is more impressive or relevant to getting your dream job? There’s no correct answer to this question, as both are quite impressive in their own ways and it’s a very personal choice. However, there are definitely reasons to get an LSM rather than a minor and vice-versa. For those unfamiliar with the Bentley University LSM, it is a Liberal Studies Major that can complement and enhance your business degree, making you stand out as an atypical and well-rounded candidate for most positions. Minor choices at Bentley are plentiful, and you only need four classes to complete a minor, making them a (usually) more common choice at Bentley. Here are the pros and cons of each.




  • Nine interesting concentrations to choose from, increasing your knowledge in certain fields and giving you a boost as a potential candidate (in the right/relevant industries)
  • A second, complementary major with a little bit of extra planning and work (but also very manageable and worthwhile)
  • Great way to show your passions and creates a unique educational path for you by taking interesting electives and getting a well-rounded business and liberal arts education
  • Gives you exposure to classes you may not have taken if not for the LSM
  • Awesome conversation topic to start with employers, especially if you have relevant research in your LSM capstone


  • Not as widely recognized by employers as a minor and may warrant many clarifying questions and explanations
  • A lot of requirements, from “main” classes to electives and experiences, as well as a capstone research project
  • Requires pre-planning and dedication to the concentrations
  • Each LSM is different, so make sure that you are checking this information regularly
  • Far fewer options than minors or simple concentrations
  • Usually limited to one LSM




  • The most classic way to demonstrate to employers a competency is something different from your major
  • You can earn more than one
  • Easy adjustment to make at Bentley University (four classes required per minor across minors)
  • Huge variety of choices
  • Allows for more flexibility in your schedule and also in how you achieve a minor (can choose different classes to count toward your minor that appeal to your interests)
  • The choice between business minors or arts and sciences minors
  • Less planning needed and a relatively quick process to declare/complete a minor, allowing you to expand your knowledge in an area at almost any point of your college experience


  • Common across most universities, a minor may not showcase a unique educational path
  • Choosing a minor may be difficult and completing four classes in a minor that you no longer want to pursue is always a risk
  • Planning increases depending on the number of minors that you would like to complete
  • Being strategic in the kind of minor you choose (as in what will make your credentials stand out most) can be hard or can conflict with passion (what minor you are interested in)

Both an LSM and a Minor are great choices in advancing your career, so it really depends on what makes sense for you!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator