24 Companies with Amazing Accessibility Practices

Accessibility has become a key component of any company’s strategy to create a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. A study from Accenture, the American Association of People with Disabilities, and Disability found that “organizations prioritizing accessibility had 28 percent higher revenue, and people with disabilities represent the third-largest market segment in the United States.”

Additionally, by adding employees with different backgrounds and abilities to any workforce, businesses are better able to understand different markets, consumers, build better products, and foster a strong community. Some ways that different companies have advocated for increased accessibility have included the following:

  • creating IT accessibility programs
  • running employee resource groups focused around employees with disabilities
  • hosting “Disability Mentoring Programs”

Some companies that made the list include: Accenture, Boston Scientific, Cigna, PwC, and many more! To learn more about other companies and their respective initiatives, read RippleMatch’s full article here.

By Nathan Tombo
Nathan Tombo Structured Content Creator