Career Collectives: Analytics/Actuarial Community

This Career Community is all about analyzing different patterns of data to improve decision making.  Although it requires many hard skills, such as mathematics, statistics, and an understanding of technology, many soft skills, such as empathy and listening, are essential in communicating findings.

Data analysis is important in all fields to make predictions about the future with respect to sales and growth.  Check out these resources to learn more about both the industry and different job roles:

Blog: Online Behavior Marketing Measurement and Optimization

This blog is all about the measurement and optimization of marketing efforts.  It teaches the reader how to convert leads to sales based on an approach founded consumer data patterns.  These skills are applicable to any type of data scientist in any career!

Journal: European Actuarial Journal

This academic journal is for the actuarial professional who is interested in or working in finance.  It covers both theory and methods for technical success, as well as actuarial mathematics and newer interesting areas.

Podcast: Data Stories

This podcast is all about data visualization.  The team behind it is successful in their respective industries and this production has been around for a few years.  They often feature other successful industry leaders.

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By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator