Coach’s Call: Brian Moccio

Brian Moccio is an Associate Director in the Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center and the dedicated Career Coach for Economics-Finance and Managerial Economics Majors.

Career Questions 

What is your favorite part of your job as a career coach?

The ability to make a positive impact on student’s lives.

Best piece of career advice? 

It sounds small, but always take the time to say thank you.  Most students know to do this after interviews, but it also can apply to so many other situations where you interact with professionals.  As an example, if a guest speaker from Fidelity comes to Bentley to speak in one of your classes, be sure to send them a follow-up email or LinkedIn request to thank them and tell them what you took away from their discussion or presentation.  You might be the only person from your class to do this and it could be the start of a great relationship, all from a simple act of kindness.

Worst piece of career advice?  

Wing it.  It’s terrible advice because your career development and job/internship search will take a lot of work, dedication, planning and practice.  If you try to wing it, you will likely have a very frustrating experience.  Luckily at Bentley we equip you with the tools, resources and knowledge to take control of your career so that you don’t have to wing it.

Fun Questions 

If you had five houses where would you want them?  

Honolulu, Sydney, Austin, Dublin and Portland

If you could be featured in one TV show or movie what would it be and why?  

The Simpsons because I’ve always loved the show and I could join the impressive list of guest stars who have been featured on the show.  Plus, my appearance would make people laugh and smile (but it would make my wife cringe because she hates the Simpsons)!

This or That?

Early bird or night owl?  Early bird

Beach or mountains?  Mountains

Lightning Round: Favorites 

Sports Team: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Ice cream flavor: Pistachio

Podcast and/or Spotify playlist: Listen Money Matters

Season: Summer

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani