How to Get Ahead Without A Summer Internship

So, current collegiate or soon-to-be graduate — you don’t have an internship this summer. Now what?

First, it’s OK to mope a little bit. Let it out. Feeling sad about this is expected and warranted.

But know that you’re not alone in this. Every college student in the US, and most of the world, is impacted by the pandemic. And recruiters and hiring managers are living through this moment with you, so they’ll show you some grace.

We spoke to recruiters and career counselors about your options. They said prospective companies know that the pandemic is to blame for that hole in your resume. So fill that white space with other meaningful stuff.
Here’s where you can start.

Check out al the tips and tricks on this CNN article HERE.

By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Alyssa Hammond