ALKU Goes Viral – Supporting Students on Social Media

ALKU’s new campaign, #ALKUGoesVirtual, a series of videos that they will be releasing twice weekly on their social media platforms for students and persons interested to tune into! At ALKU, they are trying to think of ways to still offer support, give different tips and tricks, and get helpful information out there to students and schools they have built such good relationships with, as well as reach some new audiences that may have never heard of us before.   In these videos, they will be covering topics ranging from “All Things ALKU” to “Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch”, and of course going over “Working from Home, Best Practices”.  They will drop their weekly schedule and topics on their Instagram every Monday.

Their first introduction video was released last week and can be found on their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook sites!

By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Senior Assistant Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Paul Stanish