Become a Peer Educator with the Centers for Health, Counseling & Wellness!

Become a Peer Educator with the Centers for Health, Counseling & Wellness!

The WEs (Wellness Educators) promote well-being by hosting educational workshops and campus events, disseminating accurate health information through marketing and outreach initiatives and connecting peers to appropriate referrals. WEs host events like the Week of Sleep, stress management and self-care workshops, and support events like Fresh Check Day. They are currently sponsoring a Well-being Bingo Challenge.

The RSVPs (Relationship + Sexual Violence Prevention Educators) educate and engage the Bentley campus about Sexual Assault prevention and healthy relationships by facilitating dialogue, offering workshops and sponsoring events in order to create a healthier campus culture to ensure all students feel safe. A sample signature event run by the RSVPs is Consent Day and the RSVPs will also co-facilitate Bentley’s new bystander intervention program launching this fall. They are currently promoting Sexual Assault Awareness Month through weekly posts on Instagram

Bentley’s Peer Educators are nationally certified through NASPA and are respected leaders on campus. Both teams meet weekly, receive specialized training and develop professional

skills in program development, facilitation, communication, marketing and assessment. Students typically commit 2 hours for weekly meetings and at most, 2-3 hours outside of meetings when program planning is necessary or program facilitation takes place.

To apply, visit Individual interviews will be scheduled for successful applicants. Please email with any questions.



By Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center