Interview Answer to “What’s Your Greatest Weakness”

This question is always a bit tricky. Why would someone want to know my greatest weakness? Yes we all have them but it can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable to talk about when you are in an interview and you clearly want to land the job. The point of this question is to get insight into where your areas of development might be. Now the interviewer knows this and the reason why they are asking to learn more about you so don’t be one of those guys that says “Weakness? Oh, none.” Because that won’t land you the job either. Follow these tips and steps to answer the question in the best possible manner so that the interviewer will be impressed and even though they know a weakness you will still get the offer!

Be honest

This is a good time to show your genuine side as a person. Some of your interview might have been filled with technical and past experiences but here is when you can show the human side of yourself. Be thoughtful and intentional with your answer and most of all, be honest. An interviewer isn’t stupid and they will sniff out a lie in the first sentence so don’t even bother through in a “little white lie”.


Recognize that it is a weakness

Once you have clearly identified the weakness you want to share you can literally say “Since I have identified this as a weakness….”. This string of words tells the interviewer that you are self-aware and that you know you are not perfect (as with everyone else in the world) and you understand your personal drawbacks. This is also a good lead into the next part of the answer, how you are going to improve it.


Show how you are actively improving it

Just stating that you have a weakness isn’t enough. To impress your interviewer, share how you are actionable working to resolve this weakness so that you can improve on it in the short and long term. Give one or two ways in which you already implemented a solution and share the results of it too!


Turn it into a positive learning experience

Everything is a learning experience, especially turning weaknesses into strengths. Showcasing that you understand that you are learning more about yourself through this process will give the interviewer utmost confidence in you too.

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani