How I Chose my Career in Accounting #MyCareerStoryMonday

Name: Michael Carpino 

Class Year: 2019 

Major: Accounting minor in Law 

Position: Assurance Associate 

Company: PwC 

  1. Can you describe your career path for me? (This may include HS jobs, internships, etc.) 

My career path began once I was accepted to two Big Four leadership conferences the summer after my sophomore year. I went to these two conferences while maintaining a internship in a more general business role. At the end of the conferences I received an offer from each and decided to go with PwC. There I interned the summer after junior year and accepted a full time position for after graduation. 

  1. How did you become interested in this career? 

My mom is a successful business woman and she inspired me to get involved in business courses at my high school. Although my high school did not have an accounting course, the curriculum pointed me towards business school which is where I found my passion for accounting. Once I went to the Big Four conferences I knew this is what I wanted to do for a career. 

  1. What aspects of your position do you find most rewarding? 

My company offers a huge opportunity to learn about different businesses in the specific industry I work for along with trainings that help to keep me up to date on all business trends. The environment and people I work for push me to go out of my comfort zone and learn which allow me to become an overall well rounded businessman. 

  1. What aspects do you find most challenging? 

Understanding that is it okay not to know or understand exactly the work you are doing. As a new associate there is a huge learning curve in my company. It is challenging coming from school where I knew exactly what I needed to do to succeed in my classes. As a professional I had to realize that asking questions and having a willingness to learn is just as important as completing your work. 

  1. What advice do you have for someone preparing to enter this career? 

Get as many perspectives as you can from people who recently entered into your desired field. Yours will not be the same as any other persons, but it is helpful to have different perspectives in order to get a better idea of what doing your role actually entails. Also, having a positive attitude in whatever you are doing at work (whether it is very technical or merely getting coffee) do it will a positive attitude and people will want to work with you, therefore it leads to more opportunity. 

  1. Are there any Bentley specific courses or resources you would recommend to help someone pursue this career? 

The accounting core is super important, especially for those going the CPA route. Without courses such as 311,312 or 412 I would not have passed the FAR section. Just make sure when you’re in class you’re taking the time to understand the material not just get a grade, it will help you more than you know. 

  1. Who is one person at Bentley that helped you get where you are today? 

One of my teammates, Dillon Sylvester, helped me get to where I am. We were both on the track team together and he mentored me throughout college and continues to mentor me to this day. He works for another Big Four and helped me with many recruiting milestones like resumes, interviewing, and getting involved

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani