VMock: Your Go-To Resume Resource

Think of your resume as your first impression. Every time you meet someone you want to make sure they walk away thinking something great, especially if this is the first time you are ever meeting. The same is true with your resume. Before you walk in the door, someone is looking at your resume and getting an idea of who you are and what your experience has been up till that day.

For that reason, your resume is one of the most important pieces of your career and can certainly open (or close) doors for you from internships to full times and beyond. But …. writing a resume, a GOOD resume, can be hard. That’s why WE have VMock! This resource uses “sophisticated algorithms and data science, VMock analyzes hundreds of parameters from your profile, and generates a personalized score leveraging a proprietary scoring engine. Know exactly where you stand in matter of seconds” as noted on their website which you can read more about HERE.

The process is broken down into 3 easy steps to success.

  1. Upload your resume
  2. Get instant feedback
  3. Improve and succeed

Here are some best practices to follow:

-Save the resume in PDF format

-Students receive 10 uploads per academic  year so make your changes before uploading

-This is a 24/7 online service

– Follow up with conversations with the career coaches afterwards

Now get started on with VMock today!

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani