Micro-Internships: The Solution to New Experience with Little Time

Experience is key when landing internships. Employers want to not only see that you have earned a degree but you have applied your education to valuable work outside of the classroom. 

This is traditionally done through a formal 10 or 12 week internship over the fall or spring semester or summer months. These are great But what if you don’t have enough time but still want to experience? Or what if you just want to try something new but not commit to a full time 12 week internship? 

Thats where Parker Dewey comes in – there are different types of projects with different payment levels. 

Projects are categorized by the following; sales, business development, finance and accounting, marketing, and more.

The site breaks it down into four key aspects: 

Execute projects
Companies want work done. Career launchers want professional experiences.

Expand access
Companies want to find new faces. Career launchers want to be found.

Assess fit
Companies know that fit is vital. So do career launchers.

Improve outcomes
Companies want to make great hires. Career launchers want rewarding careers.


You can find it on the Bentley CareerEdge website under resources or this link HERE.

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator