Non Profit Internship Program Testimonial: Erin Desimone, 2021

Interested in a career in non profit or government? Do you want to learn more about community organizations? Would you like to leverage your business skills for social good? 

Bentley University’s Service Learning & Civic Engagement Center through a grant from the Yawkey Foundation offers the opportunity to pursue a full semester internship that provides students with the opportunity to work for a local nonprofit or government agency to improve civic, citizenship, and academic skills. The program is a 70 hour, 10 week program that runs in conjunction with a three-credit course. Students will also receive a stipend for their participation in the program.

Curious to learn more? Hear from a current student who completed the internship! THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS 11:59PM TODAY, 11/11. Click here to apply!

Erin Desimone, Economics-Finance, 2021

To date, my nonprofit internship at Waltham Partnership for Youth (WPY) is my favorite experience at Bentley. I was just beginning my sophomore year as a newly declared Eco-Fi major, and the opportunity to apply for a nonprofit internship fell into my inbox. I have always been passionate about community service, and doing work that positively impacts the communities I come into contact with, so when I found out I could apply to work at a local nonprofit, I knew I had to. Within my role as an intern at WPY in the fall semester, I was able to go into their accounting program, QuickBooks, and completely reorganize their chart of accounts as well as input invoices from donors. My business background and strong foundations from classes such as GB 112/212, FI 305, and EC 224/225 provided the tools to successfully implement what I was learning in ways that benefitted WPY greatly.

After the fall, WPY actually hired me back independently to continue to do work with them. In the spring, I created a website for one of their initiatives, The Substance use and Mental Wellness Coalition. I was able to present in front of large groups that included executives from other companies and Waltham’s City Councilmen. I was even on channel 5 news for the work I was doing with the Coalition. The experiences and skills learned in this internship do not compare to any job I have in the past. I would highly recommend everyone to take advantage of this opportunity because I have practical business practice from a unique and personal experience that make me standout.

Some Coalition Work

Erin featured on channel 5 news

By Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center