Non Profit Internship Program Testimonial: Kylie O’Hare, 2020

Interested in a career in non profit or government? Do you want to learn more about community organizations? Would you like to leverage your business skills for social good? 

Bentley University’s Service Learning & Civic Engagement Center through a grant from the Yawkey Foundation offers the opportunity to pursue a full semester internship that provides students with the opportunity to work for a local nonprofit or government agency to improve civic, citizenship, and academic skills. The program is a 70 hour, 10 week program that runs in conjunction with a three-credit course. Students will also receive a stipend for their participation in the program.

Curious to learn more? Hear from a current student who completed the internship! Look here for details on how to apply for Spring 2020!

Kylie O’Hare, Marketing, 2020

Last fall I had a Marketing and Competitive Research position at the Edinburg Center for individuals with developmental disabilities through the BSLCE Non-Profit Internship Program. I am a marketing major in the class of 2020 and I applied for the program in the fall of my junior year in hopes of gaining some marketing experience while also getting an insight into the realm of non-profits and government organizations. The classroom experience associated with this course gave me a lot of new and interesting insights and the internship itself gave me a lot of really great hands on experience. I was able to take skills I was learning in the classroom and apply them to real world situations in a setting that was very new to me.

I’m now entering my senior year at Bentley and this summer I had 2 internships, one with a government organization and one with a non-profit. The BSLCE Non-Profit Internship Program inspired me to apply for both roles and the experience I got through the internship is definitely one of the main reasons I was hired for both. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone that is even a little curious about the non-profit realm. It’s a really great opportunity to learn and meet new people while also gaining really valuable experience.

By Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Jennifer Graham