My Experience with the Center for Women and Business Fellowship: Applications Open NOW!

After my freshman year at Bentley I realized a lot of my time wasn’t spent on activities that held a lot of meaning for me. Rather, I was spending the majority of my day just in class and with friends. This just was not fulfilling enough – I wanted to feel like I was making a difference, learning outside of the classroom, and getting involved in something I am passionate about. That’s when I found the Center for Women and Business Fellowship.

Throughout the spring semester I attended a variety of events such as workshops and roundtables that spanned across a number of different topics including the confidence gap, unconscious biases, men as allies and more. The greatest added value I got from this program was understanding and appreciating new points of view. The topics we explored were not always black and white, leaving a lot open for discussion and debate. I learned how to take a minute to pause and reflect on my own perspective and be open to looking at an issue from a new lens. I carry this new skill with me everywhere now, whether it is in group projects, the workplace, or even my friendships! Another valuable aspect of this fellowship is the number of students, staff, and professionals I met. Throughout the semester I gained friendships that I still hold today, connections with staff within the CWB office, and a great network of individuals in the Boston area. Building these relationships has been more beneficial than I ever would have thought.

I also particularly enjoyed the corporate visits and heading into Boston to see the PwC office in person. The opportunity to network and foster a dialogue around increasing diversity in the workplace will be an experience I will never forget! As a sophomore, the chance to head into a firm and network with employees was extremely valuable from a career perspective. Now as a I reflect on the fellowship, I often mention the events I attended during interviews because I am able to speak knowledgeably about critical issues firms face when advancing women throughout the business pipeline.

All in all, this fellowship is an opportunity well worth taking. It will broaden your diversity of thought, increase your knowledge on important workplace topics, and foster a new community for you at Bentley University. This fellowship is one of my, and many peer’s, defining experiences on this campus and beyond.

Fellowship Details:

This fellowship is offered in the from February to May for all sophomore, juniors, and senior males and females of all academic disciplines and backgrounds. It offers a series of learning opportunities through corporate visits, seminars, workshops, roundtables, events and more. Each opportunity presents a new experience where you will gain insight on a core topic such as gender inequality, unconscious biases, men as allies, confidence gap, and so much more. Learn more about the program HERE.


Now open until November 5th,!  Apply HERE.

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator