Career Advice to My Younger Self

What career advice would you tell your younger self? I asked a handful of graduating seniors across all different majors and minors with a diversity of work experience and on campus involvement that exact question. Each had their own bit of advice that they would be told their freshman, sophomore, or junior year self. Hear what they had to say below!

“Start networking early. You don’t realize the amount of connections that you can make through a simple LinkedIn message or meeting an individual in the workplace. People are willing to help and be a resource so take advantage of their knowledge and expertise early on. It will certainly help you navigate your own career path.”

-Jacob Kalish, Class of 2020, BS-MS in Finance and Minor in Psychology

“As a sophomore or freshman I would have definitely looked into firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts as they relate to getting an internship or full time opportunity. I didn’t even realize the magnitude of companies that offer programs and conferences for minorities, women, and other groups of individuals. Not only is this great for networking but often times it can open the door for an offer!”

-Amy Nguyen, Class of 2020, Major in Mathematical Sciences and Minor in Business Studies and a Minor in Finance

“Stay open-minded when curating your career journey. You might find that it can be easy to follow the path that others take but don’t let this guide you away from paving your own career story. Be curious to learn about all the opportunities that are available and with the right amount of patience and determination you will surely find the best career fit for you!” 

-Helena Leskow, Class of 2020, Major in Accounting and Minor in Finance

“All in all, be true to yourself. And ALWAYS be willing to try new things, it’ll help you find what you’re passionate about. I spent a lot of my college career trying to discover the things I loved and then built on those skills. Now comes as senior I’m grateful to say that I can create a career out of the skill set I nurtured and am passionate about. As long as you’re happy, you will be successful. 

” NETWORK. One of the greatest things Bentley has taught me is the power of having connections. Go to conferences, start random conversations, reach out to professors, message people on LinkedIn. Everyone has something to offer.”

-Kiana Kanoa, Class of 2020, Major in Marketing

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani