Benefits of Joining the American Marketing Association

All too often, students don’t think of using professional associations as a resource or tool to fulfill an employment goal.  Just the word professional is enough of a deterrent for a student to explore an association.  Or maybe they are viewed as a place where only people with experience can be members.  And yes there are usually entrance fees attached to joining one which may cause students with tight budgets to defer.  However, I’m here to tell you, joining a professional association can be one of the best career decisions you can make as a student.  One group to consider is the American Marketing Association.  Many of the membership benefits include:

  • Exclusive networking opportunities for members.
  • Access to like minded professionals and ideas.
  • Access to job postings for all levels in all geographic areas.
  • Member only web casts.
  • Access to current blogs, journals and trends.
  • Professional career coaching
  • Discounted student membership fee of $50
  • And much more

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By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center