Are you prepared for the most common interview question?

Preparing for interviews can be stressful.  Researching a company, recruiter or industry is part of the process.  Prepping for a case vs behavioral interview can add a level of stress.  Oh yeah, then there’s the prep for that recorded video interview.   All of this can be daunting and sometimes with that, a candidate might overlook something basic and simple in their preparation.  Imagine rocking an interview, you feel confident, and feel a good vibe with you and the recruiter.  Then you get that question, Do you have any questions for us?  Uh oh, you think, did I prep for that?  Maybe you fumble and come up with something that wasn’t thought out ahead of time.  That question is the most common question you’ll receive in an interview.  Therefore, you need to prep appropriately for that end of interview question.  Remember you are evaluating the company as much as they are evaluating you.  For tips on how to prep for that ever important question, click here.


By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center