Why Every Business Student Should Work at a Startup

Post written by Bentley student Jacob Acker.

It is only my second day as an intern at Select Software Reviews and I already have a strong case for why every business student should work at a startup. Here are my top three reasons:


At a startup, it is fairly easy to tell what the culture is going to be like after one day. From the second I walked in the office, I could tell that I was surrounded by friendly people who wanted to be there. I am working with three other interns and we have already been able to connect on a personal level, thanks to the efforts the company CEO Phil Strazzula. Part of what makes the culture so attractive is the casual atmosphere of the office, which has a few couches, a fully loaded kitchen, and even a flat screen TV with an Xbox. I haven’t had the nerve to start playing Xbox yet, but I’m sure I will by the end of the summer… or this week.

Ability to Influence

At a startup, even as an intern I have the ability to influence the direction of the business because my ideas matter. I have already been asked to spend time brainstorming and coming up with my own ways to solve problems or complete tasks. Along with this, I share my ideas with the CEO, something I would never be able to do at a large firm.  This provides me an opportunity to hear constructive feedback.  Having the ability to influence and innovate gives me endless opportunities to develop my skills, make an impact on the business and add substantive points to my resume.

 Learning Experience

This summer I will be able to witness strategic business decisions from a court side seat. At a larger company, executive decisions are usually made in a closed meeting. At the startup, these types of decisions will be made directly in front of my eyes and I will get to witness first hand our CEO, a Harvard Business graduate, apply all of his knowledge in order to accelerate the growth of this business.

I am beyond excited to work for Select Software Reviews this summer.  Look for more posts about this position in the future.

Jake Acker

By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center Paul Stanish