8 HR Tech Trends in 2019

At the base of every company is its employees. In recent decades, technology has exponentially improved the hiring process and the magnitude of information that companies are provided with and have access to about potential candidates, increasing their ability to hire appropriate and qualified employees for the job. Here’s 8 predictions about HR technology trends in 2019:

  1. ‘Show Me’ Approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI): Because of highly publicized cases involving AI gone wrong, more scrutiny of computer-based hiring technology is expected in the coming year.
  2. Sea Change in Engagement Measurement: Companies are looking to learn more about their employees and interactions at work, and using technology to get raw, hard data appears to be the best route.
  3. Rise of ‘Nudge-based’ Technologies: Companies are promoting workplace productivity by measuring activity and “nudging” employees to take a break when efficiency seems to have declined.
  4. Growing Importance of the HRIT Role: Because HR is always involved with data security and personal information, it is important for HR to have that technology background to be able to handle this inevitable responsibility.
  5. Faster Migration of Core HR Systems to the Cloud: Moving HR systems to the cloud is already a popular choice, but is still increasing in recent years as the cloud becomes more capable of handling high functioning systems.
  6. Renewed Interest in ‘Point’ Solutions: Because specialized technology solutions like talent acquisition systems can now be quickly integrated due to an improvement in technology over the years, businesses are more likely to head in this direction in the future.
  7. ‘Push’ Recommendations from AI: To make information more accessible and at one’s fingertips, technology promoting “pushing” relevant information at the time of need is growing in popularity.
  8. Learning, Performance and Career Planning Converge: Companies are finding that in order to develop someone effectively, they need a mixture of information, including performance and career goals, which explains this new push to have the three sectors interact and intersect more.

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By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy