Talent Tuesday: Self-Assurance

What do we mean by Self-Assurance? 

The Clifton StrengthsFinder results describe this talent theme as follows; “Self-Assurance is similar to self-confidence. In the deepest part of you, you have faith in your strengths. You know that you are able — able to take risks, able to meet new challenges, able to stake claims, and, most important, able to deliver. But Self-Assurance is more than just self-confidence. Blessed with the theme of Self-Assurance, you have confidence not only in your abilities but in your judgment. When you look at the world, you know that your perspective is unique and distinct. And because no one sees exactly what you see, you know that no one can make your decisions for you. No one can tell you what to think. They can guide. They can suggest. But you alone have the authority to form conclusions, make decisions, and act. This authority, this final accountability for the living of your life, does not intimidate you. On the contrary, it feels natural to you. No matter what the situation, you seem to know what the right decision is. This theme lends you an aura of certainty. Unlike many, you are not easily swayed by someone else’s arguments, no matter how persuasive they may be. This Self-Assurance may be quiet or loud, depending on your other themes, but it is solid. It is strong. Like the keel of a ship, it withstands many different pressures and keeps you on your course.”

If the above description describes you, be sure to read below for career tips and tricks tailored to your strengths!

People who are especially talented in the Self-Assurance theme lead the way, knowing that sometimes it’s OK to ask for directions.

Career Search Tips for Self-Assurance Talents:

  • Trust your talents, but always gather enough input from others to ensure you make well-informed decisions.
  • Seek start-up situations for which no rule book exists. You will be at your best when you are asked to make many decisions.
  • Appeal to your own internal guidance system to determine appropriate actions. Trust your instincts.
  • When taking on an unfamiliar challenge, consult with others before making a final decision on your strategy. By complementing your natural confidence with the talents and knowledge of others, you will ensure that you select the most productive and efficient path.
  • Take time each month to study your recent decisions and assess the outcomes. This reflection will give you experiential knowledge and reveal valuable insights that will refine and strengthen your intuition.

Below is a video created by the Gallup Strengths Center that goes into more detail about the Self-Assurance Talent Theme and how it can help you on your path to success!

By Rachel Linehan
Rachel Linehan CareerEdge Manager Rachel Linehan