4 Entrepreneurship Trends of 2019

This coming year will have the perfect conditions for new and old entrepreneurs to thrive! The combination of a strong and healthy economy, good job market, and the new tax legislation that was just introduced this year creates an ideal environment for small businesses. If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur yourself, it’s important to do your research on current conditions that could affect your success. Here’s 4 predictions about 2019 in regards to entrepreneurship:

  1. Entrepreneurship grows in diversity: From gender, race, age, to education levels, entrepreneurs nowadays are all over the spectrum, and that trend is expected to continue in this direction into 2019 and beyond.
  2. A focus on long-term success: New businesses are aiming to be more of a longstanding company than a fad, so the growth focus is on the future, rather than pushing for an initial spike.
  3. A rise in social responsibility: With the rise of millennials and their conscious values, companies who are exhibiting social responsibility are more appealing to customers and candidates than ever before.
  4. Niche markets come to the forefront: Rather than trying to appeal to the masses, companies who focus on highly specific products and markets are seeing greater economic success.

Combining the knowledge of these trends and their effects on business, current and future entrepreneurs can adequately prepare and adjust their business strategies to have a potentially successful 2019. To read more about the prominent trends expected to continue into 2019, click here.


By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy