Talent Tuesday: Individualization

What do we mean by Individualization? 

The Clifton StrengthsFinder results describe this talent theme as follows; “Your Individualization theme leads you to be intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. You are impatient with generalizations or “types” because you don’t want to obscure what is special and distinct about each person. Instead, you focus on the differences between individuals. You instinctively observe each person’s style, each person’s motivation, how each thinks, and how each builds relationships. You hear the one-of-a-kind stories in each person’s life. This theme explains why you pick your friends just the right birthday gift, why you know that one person prefers praise in public and another detests it, and why you tailor your teaching style to accommodate one person’s need to be shown and another’s desire to ‘figure it out as I go.’ Because you are such a keen observer of other people’s strengths, you can draw out the best in each person. This Individualization theme also helps you build productive teams. While some search around for the perfect team “structure” or “process,” you know instinctively that the secret to great teams is casting by individual strengths so that everyone can do a lot of what they do well.”

If the above description describes you, be sure to read below for career tips and tricks tailored to your strengths!

People who are especially talented in the Individualization theme should honor the uniqueness in each person you encounter.

Career Search Tips for Individualization Talents:

  • You instinctively understand how different people might be able to work together effectively.
  • Use this talent to help create partnerships, teams, and groups that complement each other.
  • Become an expert in describing your own strengths and style. For example, answer questions such as these: What is the best praise you ever received? How often do you like to check in with your manager? What is your best method for building relationships? How do you learn best?
  • Ask these same questions of your colleagues and friends. Help them plan their future by starting with their strengths, then designing a future based on what they do best.
  • Make your colleagues and friends aware of each person’s unique motivations and needs.
  • Study successful people to discover the uniqueness that made them successful.

Below is a video created by the Gallup Strengths Center that goes into more detail about the Individualization Talent Theme and how it can help you on your path to success!

By Rachel Linehan
Rachel Linehan CareerEdge Manager Rachel Linehan