ICYMI: Ask Alyssa Recap

Last semester, two members of the CareerEdge team, Myself and Lauren Nicol (AC, ’19) turned into a production team with our newest project: Ask Alyssa! Do you ever wish you could have just 5 minutes of a professional career counselor’s time? Well guess what! NOW YOU CAN! This video series features, ALYSSA HAMMOND and her expert advice in response to questions from your fellow Bentley students! Here’s our introductory video as a refresher.

Now that you know what Ask Alyssa is, you can get caught up with all 6 of last semester’s episodes!

1st Episode: This episode features a question from junior Sheila Atiemo! She asks Alyssa, “When is the best time to look for an internship?” View the episode here.

2nd Episode: This week’s episode of Ask Alyssa features a question from sophomore Molly Quinn where she asks Alyssa how transferable skills can be applied to the workforce. View the episode here.

3rd Episode: We all know professional networking is important. But do you know how to manage and maintain your professional network successfully? In this week’s episode of Ask Alyssa, Alyssa gives you all of the information you need to succeed! View the episode here.

4th Episode: It’s not enough to just “do well” in an interview, you have to stand out! In this week’s episode of Ask Alyssa, Alyssa tackles sophomore Joanna’s question and tells YOU how you can stand out in your next interview! View the episode here.

5th Episode: Do you want to impress employers with an outstanding cover letter? Are you tired of submitting subpar work? Lucky for you, this week’s episode of Ask Alyssa will transform your cover letter skills from average to exceptional! And don’t we all want to be exceptional?! Well, Alyssa has advice about how YOU can start creating your perfect cover letter! View the episode here.

6th Episode: Do you want to take advantage of CareerEdge but don’t know how? Are you overwhelmed with emails and only want to see what’s relevant to you? This week’s episode of Ask Alyssa will help you with all of that and more! View the episode here.

Ask Alyssa will be back on Monday, January 28th with advice on how freshmen can start the internship search early! See you then!

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais Student Director, CareerEdge & Event Planning Team Caroline Gervais