Decisions, decisions #CareerToolThursday

Are the interview requests starting to roll in? Maybe even have an offer on the table? The next step is to start thinking about which position and company will fit you best and is feasible to accept. This includes the logistics of it all, from how much you would like to get paid, transportation to work, and where you’re going to live. Here’s some advice for how to start evaluating positions based on all of their features.

  • Culture: Feel free to ask the interviewer about the culture and/or work environment at their company, but take their response with a grain of salt; recognize that your interviewer is here to recruit students and make their company and position sound as appealing as possible. Another suggestion is to ask students who have previously interned or worked at the company to describe the culture, while again recognizing that their answer will have some bias in it as well. You can only truly understand a company’s culture when you experience it for yourself.
  • Work-Life Balance: This goes hand-in-hand with culture. Is this a company that expects its employees to work 50 hours a week? Will I have to do work outside of the office? Does the program set up any social gatherings for the interns? These are reasonable questions to ask an interviewer, but again, you may find more helpful information from a previous intern.
  • Housing: Feel free to ask in the interview or via email about whether the company provides housing for this particular internship or full-time job. More often than not, companies are unable to offer this benefit for internships, but don’t be discouraged! Roomi ( is a new resource that allows students to find safe, reasonably priced housing in a given area for any length of time.
  • Transportation: After you’ve finally found the perfect housing, you have to consider transportation. Is this an area where walking to work is feasible and safe? Do you need a car for this position? Would Ubering to work every day get too expensive? Is there public transportation nearby? These are all valid questions to consider, and there is no issue asking these questions to an interviewer about what previous interns did or current employees do, or finding a previous intern yourself (there’s plenty at Bentley!) to ask.
  • Pay: Do your research. PayScale ( will provide you an accurate, personalized hourly rate based on the company, position, and your previous experience. Do not ask about salary in your first round interview; this can make you appear as though you are only in it for the money.

There are surely many more variables to consider; these are just some of the most important to account for in evaluating offers. As always, you can stop by the Career Services office (LaCava 225) during drop-in hours or schedule an appointment with your coach to get your questions answered regarding your internship or full-time job hunt and selection!

By Rachel Linehan
Rachel Linehan CareerEdge Manager