Inspiration Design Lecture Recap: Creative Career Possibilities

For Information Design and Corporate Communication majors, it isn’t always easy to know what types of jobs to look for and what skills companies want. On October 10th, Professor Mike Goldberg, an IDCC professor and founder of the IDCC DesignHouse here at Bentley, hosted a DesignHouse lecture to provide his insight regarding Creative Careers.

As far as skills go, Goldberg started the lecture by stating that “the company already knows that the job or internship will be a valuable learning experience for you, so when you’re applying you should focus on what you can do for them.” Additionally, he emphasized that it is essential to know that you can find creative jobs in any field. He then went on to provide advice on how to prepare and get the creative internship that you want. The following are a few of his key points:

  • Be sure to use the same vocabulary in the resume and cover letter that is used in the job description.
  • If there is a skill in the job description that you don’t have, try to get it (within reason).
  • To learn more about a company, it’s culture and the opportunities available, simply call and ask for an informational interview!
  • Having a digital portfolio or personal website is a must! One easy to use and customizable website-maker tool is Wix.
  • As you’re looking for jobs, be sure to keep a log of who you are talking to, who you are sending resumes to, and the dates!
  • Use LinkedIn to find off-campus networking events in your chosen field.

He concluded his lecture by discussing the importance of simply getting your foot in the door of the company that you want to work for. Even if you end up applying to jobs that aren’t necessarily your first choice, it’s one step closer to doing what you want! Once you’re in with the company, there’s often opportunities for mobility, which is something you should inquire about during the hiring process.

If you’re interested in more advice from Professor Goldberg, be on the lookout for his emails regarding upcoming events! Or, you can even email him to set up a time to pick his brain.

By Megan Nadeau
Megan Nadeau CareerEdge Graphic Designer Megan Nadeau