Registration is coming! Registration is coming!

As first year registration creeps closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about CDI101, a first year student must-take here at Bentley University. CDI101 is a half-semester course where students learn how to do a professional resume, cover letter, create a LinkedIn, and much more from our #1 ranked Undergraduate Career Services department and Career Coaches. First year students can choose to take it either first half of the semester or second half of the semester. To look at the available days and times for this course, check out Bentley University Course Listings. Note: Have backup options! Space is limited, and like any must-take course, you need to have backup sections in case your first choice fills up. Stop by the Career Services table on Thursday, November 8th from 1-4PM outside Seasons to learn more about the class and to answer any career-related questions you might have!


Alyssa Hammond

Director, Undergraduate Career Education and Outcomes

Brian Moccio

Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Services

Communities: Economics-Finance, Managerial Economics, Consulting

Colleen Murphy

Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Services

Communities: Management, Professional Sales

Jennifer Graham

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services

Communities: Computer Information Systems, Data Analytics, Liberal Studies (except Media, Arts, & Society), Bachelor of Arts Candidates

Kristine Vidic

Senior Associate Director, Career Education and Innovation

Communities: All Sophomores

MaryEllen Ryan

Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Services

Communities: Finance, Corporate Finance and Accounting (Finance focus)

Melissa Sawyer

Senior Associate Director / Operations Manager, Undergraduate Career Services

Communities: Accountancy, Corporate Finance and Accounting (Accounting Focus), Information Systems Audit and Control, Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences

Paul Stanish

Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services

Communities: Marketing, Information Design and Corporate Communications, Creative Industries, Media and Culture, LSM in Media, Arts and Society


By Rachel Linehan
Rachel Linehan CareerEdge Manager Rachel Linehan