My Remarkable Summer at… Commonwealth Care Alliance!

My Remarkable Summer at… Commonwealth Care Alliance

Written By: Abby Forman, Class of 2019

This past summer, I worked as an intern at Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA). CCA is a non-for-profit community-based health organization that is dedicated to improving care for individuals with complex health needs. I was placed in the Revenue Cycle department working with Risk Adjustment.

I communicated with my team to develop critical workflows and track program progress. The updates and reports that developed were used to ensure continued progress regarding member health assessments.  I also developed metrics and performance assessment tools for teams in my department.

A major project that I took on was creating a systemized reporting structure to organize multiple streams of information into one concise report. This project resulted in new insights regarding the completion of health assessments which I was able to present to executives and coworkers at a final presentation.

Outside of my daily tasks, I was also able to meet and learn from many members within the organization. I had the opportunity to network with people of various roles within the healthcare field. I worked alongside 10 other summer interns. We had a great experience working and spending time together. We had the opportunity to engage in programs outside of our daily tasks including visits to other office locations and gaining exposure to clinical and business functions at CCA.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CCA because it provided me with valuable exposure to real world healthcare issues and understanding how a health plan works. Witnessing the innovative approach to caring for patients with complex health needs confirmed my desire to work in the healthcare field when I graduate.

By Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Jennifer Graham