Have you Considered Internal Consulting Opportunities? Read More to Learn About a Summer 2019 Internship Opportunity with CVS Health!

Did you know that many corporations offer a variety of roles that can fall into the “internal consulting” category?  These positions require many of the same skill sets that you’d need for a traditional consulting role, such as structured and logical thinking, analytical rigor, strong communication skills and initiative.  However, instead of having external clients, you work on projects or assignments for your own company.

One such opportunity for Summer 2019 that is currently posted on BentleyLink is for CVS Health as an Undergrad Intern in Pharmacy Operations.  Based on the job title alone, you might not think of Consulting, but once you read the dynamic job description, you’ll see how well this role fits into the Internal Consulting bucket.  If you are interested, be sure to apply on BentleyLink by Fri, Oct 26th.  In addition, CVS Health will be on-campus for an Info Session on Mon, Oct 22nd where you can learn more about this opportunity.

By Brian Moccio
Brian Moccio Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development Center, Pulsifer Career Development Center Brian Moccio