My Remarkable Summer at… DELOITTE

My Remarkable Summer at… DELOITTE

Written By: Ashley Fischer, 2019

After attending Deloitte’s Envision conference in their Boston office during summer 2017, I had the privilege of being offered an internship spot for this past summer as an Assurance & Internal Audit Intern within their Advisory practice.  I got to learn what it means to conduct an external IT Audit and sit in on client meetings throughout the entire 8 weeks.   I met with the company we were auditing and traveled within New England in order to help my team further their engagement.

Coming to Bentley as a freshman, I didn’t think the Big 4 could be within my reach as a Computer Information Systems major, however, meeting Deloitte’s recruiter and going through Envision made me realize I would be able to add value to the company and gain a valuable internship experience.  Each day I learned something new and was consistently reminded that they wanted me to learn as much as possible.  I never felt like I was burdening my team with my questions as they did not expect me to come in with the ability to conduct an IT Audit.

I enjoyed the opportunity to continuously learn and be engaged throughout the summer.  One of the highlights was attending Deloitte University in Houston, Texas for a weekend in order to engage with Advisory interns across the country, to build our soft skills, and network with each other as well as fulltime employees.  We had the opportunity to gain insight into people’s careers and the challenges they experienced, how they overcame them, and learned from their experiences.

If you are interested in working for the Big 4, I encourage you to go to their networking events and engage with a recruiter, regardless of your major, because they are always looking for a diverse range of experiences to help enrich their staff.  Deloitte’s priority is their people as they provide a wide range of services to an expansive client list.  It was amazing to see this sentiment reflected in their workforce and I experienced what this means every day I was in the office.  Everyone I worked with wanted me to succeed and I feel like I did, which made my summer at Deloitte a truly great experience.

By Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Jennifer Graham