My Remarkable Summer at…. CIGNA

Hi! My name is Nicole O’Donnell and I am a junior at Bentley double majoring in Finance and Global Perspectives with a minor in Computer Information Systems. This past summer, I was an intern at Cigna, a global health services company headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, in the Supply Chain department. Specifically, I was a part of the vendor management team and worked on assessing portfolio operational risk and contractual compliance between Cigna and its vendors. To achieve this goal, I created a database of Cigna’s managed supplier profiles and identified risk levels of vendor relationships as well as areas where each contract could be strengthened. As a result of my summer project, the team will implement my recommendations and look to expand the project scope in the future!

While interning for the Supply Chain department at Cigna was not opportunity I initially saw myself taking as a finance major, I am very grateful to have had an untraditional experience within the finance discipline. On my team, I received tremendous support concerning my project while also participating in multiple other opportunities across the department, such as creating a web page or newsletter, analyzing direct spend, or working in conjunction with other departments on specific case projects. Cigna Supply Chain Management’s model is at the forefront of the service industry and its competitors and is the center of all other departments within the company, allowing me to understand how the company functions as a whole and providing exceptional networking capabilities. Not only did I get to work at a Fortune 100 company, but I was able to enhance my knowledge of the healthcare industry at a sustainable and responsible company that aims to change the way we talk about health services in this country.

Pictured: all Supply Chain interns after we gave our presentations to the CPO and Lead Team!

By Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center