Milliman Opportunity Scholarship



Milliman’s Opportunity Scholarship for students in under-represented ethnic groups is now open for application.

The scholarship assists undergraduate students from ethnic groups that are under-represented in the fields of actuarial science, data science, computer science, economics, programming, mathematics, statistics, data analytics, or finance. Milliman, a global leader in actuarial and related products and services, awarded 12 Opportunity Scholarships in 2017.

Scholarship award

Eligibility criteria
Applicants must identify as one of these ethnic groups:

  • In the United States and Canada: Black or African American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian or Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • In the United Kingdom and Ireland: Black African, Black Caribbean, Irish Traveller, or Gypsy
  • In South Africa: Black or Coloured
  • In Australia: Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Applicants must be full-time current or incoming undergraduate students at an accredited college or university. In the United States, Canada, Ireland, or the United Kingdom, the enrollment period is the entire 2018-2019 academic year and in Australia and South Africa, the entire 2018 academic year. Applicants must plan to pursue a career in the field of actuarial science, data science, computer science, programming, economics, mathematics, statistics, data analytics, or finance.

View the program information for a complete list of application requirements and to apply online.

Application deadline
Applications are due by April 13, 2018

By Rachid Macer
Rachid Macer Student Director, CareerEdge and Think Tank Colleague Team Rachid Macer