Tips from TJX Recruiters: Interviewing & Internships

This is Cassidy and her 5 Tips for a Successful Internship! (Photo is a screenshot of @tjxcareers Instagram Story)

Like I said in my last post, Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform for college students. Thus, the growing popularity of Instagram has spurred an increase in Instagram accounts created by companies as a way to recruit students or share recruiting-related information in a more informal and fun setting. A week or two ago, @tjxcareers posted another series of videos on their Instagram Stories discussing college student-specific advice about various career-related topics. Of course, this recruiter had even more great tips, thus I wanted to share them with my fellow job-seekers! This series of Instagram Stories featured Cassidy, a Recruiter for their Distribution, Field and Merchandising Departments. The following is a quick summary of the advice that she shared:

1. Where do you recommend students look for opportunities like internships co-ops and entry-level roles?

Be sure to check your school’s career center, they’ll definitely have information about all sorts of companies.

2. What is your advice for students who have never taken a digital interview?

Be sure to: dress professionally, sit in front of a neutral background (a blank wall is preferable), make sure the mic/sound is working, and lastly just treat it like a regular interview!

3. How can a student build up their resume if they do not have work experience or previous internships?

By getting involved on campus, taking advantage of leadership opportunities, and participating in community service.

4. When answering interview questions, what types of examples should students talk about?

Honestly, anything and everything that showcase your talents. You want to use every example you have, including everything from greek life involvement to class projects.

5. How should someone prep for Day 1 of their internship?

Well, you’ll definitely want to do your research ahead of time as you want to know what you’re getting into! Also, a good way to get some insight about what to expect is by asking past interns for advice. Lastly, get your game face on!

Cassidy concluded with her 5 tips for a successful internship, pictured to the right.

If you are interested in career opportunities for a specific company, be sure to look them up on Instagram (or other social media platforms) and follow their career account! You never know what information they will share or what opportunities will arise. In fact, the TJX Careers account has been frequently posting content featuring different staff members. You can view that here.

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais Student Director, CareerEdge & Event Planning Team