How to Kick Start Your Job Search: Tips from TJX Recruiters

Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform for college students. It’s user-friendly, clean aesthetic makes for easy scrolling–something that students do on nearly an hourly basis. The growing popularity of Instagram has spurred an increase in Instagram accounts created by companies as a way to recruit students or share recruiting-related information. Instagram allows these companies to provide this information and connect with potential students in more informal and innovative ways than before. As an avid Instagram user, I of course follow several career-related accounts (stay tuned for an upcoming post about which career accounts to follow).

This is Gary from TJX! (Photo is a screenshot of @tjxcareers Instagram Story.)

Additionally, as a future Summer 2018 intern at the TJX Companies, I, of course, follow their account (@tjxcareers) and I’ve found their content to be very useful. In fact, on Monday, January 22nd, I was delighted to find that the @tjxcareers account had posted a series of videos on their Instagram Stories discussing some insider insight for students looking to step up their internship or job search! Their recruiter had great tips, thus naturally I wanted to share them with my fellow job-seekers! The Instagram Stories featured Gary, a Corporate IT Recruiter and his advice for students (and any job seekers). The following is a quick summary of the four tips that he shared:

1. What should be the 1st step in your job search?

Make sure you update your LinkedIn with highlights of what you’re currently doing as a professional, as well as with a current photo and descriptive notes about your past positions!

2. What is a good question to ask during an interview?

Ask what the last person in the role did to be successful! That way it shows you’re interested in the role and how you can expand its success!

3. What makes a candidate stand out in an interview?

When you can tell that they were genuinely themselves! For the recruiters, it’s all about matching the person to the company culture! Thus, you should always be yourself!

4. How you suggest someone prep’s for an interview?

Definitely do your research! Get to know the company as well as you can– their successes, challenges, history, financials, etc. It shows how much you want the job!

If you are interested in career opportunities for a specific company, be sure to look them up on Instagram (or other social media platforms) and follow their career account! You never know what information they will share or what opportunities will arise! In fact, the TJX Careers account also posted another video sharing one of their current co-op students take on her experience. You can view that here.

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais Student Director, CareerEdge & Event Planning Team Caroline Gervais