Cheers to Careers & Happy New Year Falcons!

Hooray, it’s officially a new year! Time for celebration, a little rest, and some reflection. Take some time today to reflect on your career experiences over the past year. Perhaps you may find it beneficial to create a working document to keep track of your thoughts.

Here are a few things to consider for each experience, as well as future ones:

  • How do you feel about it?
  • What did you learn? What do you want to learn more about?
  • Who did you meet and how have you continued that connection? How can you maintain that connection?
  • What jobs or industries do you want to learn more about?
  • What opportunities are you interested in pursuing this coming year?
  • What excites you about your current industry/career path? What worries you?

Basically, you should spend a little time taking a career inventory so that you can tackle this year with a new & improved career strategy. Use your responses to set a few goals to help re-focus and refine your career search. Then, once you’re back at school, be sure to drop by the Career Services office and talk to an advisor about how to execute your strategy! This year, join us in saying cheers to careers!


By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais Student Director, CareerEdge & Event Planning Team Caroline Gervais