Boston Business Medley Wrap-up: Part 2

When you think of Rapid 7, what comes to mind?

Well, your first thought is probably that it must be a fast-paced company! Their use of the word “Rapid” in their name definitely makes you feel like you would have to be nimble in order to work there, and that the other employees and leaders are smart and nimble! From our visit, it definitely holds true! This fast growing company was amazing.

The Bentley students who are focused in learning more about and launching careers in professional sales took away a tremendous amount of information during this site visit.

Rapid 7 is working with the biggest named companies across many industries. Rapid7 is helping more than 6,200 organizations across 110 countries, including 38% of the Fortune 1000, reduce risk, stop attacks, and advance their security processes. The company not only protects information, they have a comprehensive checklist which acts like a guide in order for their sales team to be more informed and able to give clients assistance faster.

Furthermore, there is a lot of growth potential in this organization. Through their “Talent Academy” – they are able to recruit, develop and drive demand!

And yes, Rapid 7 has a GREAT Office design that lends itself to a lot of collaboration and encourages creativity!

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy